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urbanAPI - Interactive Analysis Simulation and Visualisation Tools for Urban Agile Policy Implementation

Related Projects

Projects with active cooperation


Programme: FP7
Project Homepage: http://www.urban-nexus.eu

URBAN-NEXUS is a coordination and support action funded by the European union under the 7th Framework Programme. This coordination and support action builds on the work of the FP6 project URBAN-NET, which formulated the themes that URBAN-NEXUS is now working on.The URBAN-NEXUS Consortium is comprised of 13 core partners, supported by 25 Strategic Partners throughout Europe.

Contribution: UWE is involved in both projects. Urban Nexus work packages 5 and 6 are related to the activities of policy integration performing the same end-user perspective underlying urbanAPI applications. Joint meeting of the two projects planned to coincide with the urban Nexus Dialogue Cafe to be held in Bristol, March 2014. urbanAPI was presented and joint the discussion already in the previous meeting in Sofia in Sept 2013.


Programme: FP7
Project Homepage: http://www.fupol.eu

FUPOL aims at a completely new approach to traditional politics. Major innovations like multichannel social computing and crowd sourcing will change the way politicians communicate with citizens and enterprises and take decisions. The system will be able to automatically collect, analyze and interpret opinions expressed on a large scale from the Internet. This will enable governments to gain a better understanding of the needs of citizens. Likewise the software will have the capabilities to simulate the effects of policies and laws and to assist governments in the whole policy design process.

Contribution: Link initiated and first joint meetings have taken place. Information exchange was discussed and future cooperation initiated. A joint project proposal was submitted, which foresees an integrated continuation of some activities. This was rejected but further opportunities are searched for.

eGovPoliNet Project

Programme: FP7
Project Homepage: http://www.policy-community.eu

The e-POLICY project is a FP7 STREP project funded under the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) theme, Objective 5.6 ICT solutions for Governance and Policy Modeling. Its main aim is to support policy makers in their decision process across a multi-disciplinary effort aimed at engineering the policy making life-cycle.

Contribution: Presentation on urbanAPI made to eGovPoliNet conference at Brunel University, 22nd March 2013. Further cooperation and presentation planned in 2014.


Programme: EEA
Project Homepage: http://iume.ew.eea.europa.eu/

The initiative IUME – Towards an Integrated Urban Monitoring in Europe is based on the voluntary contribution and informal co-operation between different European partners all concerned about urbanisation in Europe and its impacts. The main purpose of this platform is to exchange information among the partners and further develop the concept.

Contribution: On-going initiative by European Topic Centre (European Environment Agency); exploitation of urban API results.

PLUREL (project completed)

Programme: FP6
Project Homepage: http://www.plurel.net/

The PLUREL project: Peri-urban Land Use Relationships – Strategies and Sustainability Assessment Tools for Urban-Rural Linkages is a European integrated research project within the European Commission’s 6th Framework Programme. The project began on the first of January 2007 and ended 31st of March 2011.

Contribution: Integration of some results in urban API activities.

Common Strategy for Sustainable Territorial Development of the cross-border area Romania-Bulgaria

Programme: CBC Program Romania-Bulgaria

The Project ensures the creation of a common framework, a common vision for a territory that has common characteristics and would transform the peripheral area in a connector of flows in Southern and Eastern Europe and an attractive area to live, work, visit and invest.

Contribution: The exchange of capacity and IT tools between the projects will strengthen the joint management capacity, and will be proposed for dissemination in the Danube region through the Danube strategy.

Integrated city rehabilitation and management plan for the city of Ruse

Programme: Structural funds-OP Regional development

Development of an integrated management plan for sustainable development, selection of demonstration zones for development and large investment projects to be funded under the Structural funds; Urban Growth Simulation is an attractive and useful application to show the impact of different activities. The plan will be extended first to the Euro-region Ruse-Giurgiu and then to the region of Lower Danube under the Danube Strategy.

Red Española de Ciudades Inteligentes (RECI)

Programme: Spanish national project
Project Homepage: http://www.redciudadesinteligentes.es

RECI is the Spanish Network of Smart Cities formed by some local authorities to foster economic, social and business progress through innovation and knowledge based on ICT.

Contribution: Presentation of urbanAPI project and results in the environment working group.

Projects with links to urbanAPI


Programme: FP7
Project Homepage: http://www.fp7helm.eu/

Harmonised European Land Monitoring (HELM) initiates a move that will make European land monitoring more productive by increasing the alignment of national and sub-national land monitoring endeavours and by enabling their integration to a coherent European data system.


Programme: FP7
Project Homepage: http://www.hlandata.eu/

“Hlandata e-learning platform” is an open source web browser based e-conference, collaboration and learning tool which supports slide shows, web page demonstration, synchronous pre-recorded video display, chat and lecturers live narration using web camera provided video and audio.

The tool has been developed at the Institute of mathematics and computer science (IMCS) and used for other EU projects like SDI-EDU and NaturNet Plus(NN+) to support e-Learning about Geographic Information Systems and INSPIRE.

Tatoo (project completed)

Programme: FP7
Project Homepage: http://www.tatoo-fp7.eu

TaToo, which stands for “Tagging Tool based on a Semantic Discovery Framework”, is an FP7 Project sharing the vision of a Single European Information Space for Environment (SISE). It aims to enable experts as well as general users to share trusted and reliable information, but also to allow easy discovery of information which is already available.