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3D Scenario Creator

Feedback from our users:

„To visualize projects and actions [the 3D Scenario Creator] is great and the opportunity to "change the reality" reduce the resistance to modifications.”
- Bologna

„I like the simplicity of the tool and its applicability specially for participatory planning, that hopefully become a requirement for all future urban investment.”
- Bologna

Using 3D virtual and augmented reality visualisations the general effects and the visual impact of urban development plans can be shown as realistically as possible. These 3D scenarios support the negotiation process for urban development projects. Interactive control of planning interventions and presentation of the new visual effects released through changes in zoning and finally building help the citizens to experience these impressions.

Virtual representations of planning decisions are the most convenient and understandable solution for presenting spatial planning alternatives to the public. Allowing interactive modifications of alternatives helps stakeholders to understand the proposed actions and to endorse the anticipated impacts.

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In order to guarantee the best user experience possible high quality 3D geodata are used as well as rich interaction elements, especially to provide feedback on planning in various forms. This means that special emphasis is put on user friendly client interfaces and an easy-to-understand simulation. Users will have the possibility to choose between the 3D web client and a mobile application.

The 3D scenario creator has been deployed for the cities of Bologna, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Vienna.

3D Scenario Creator Factsheet
Aim Support negotiation process for urban development projects
Data Inputs High quality 3D geodata Geographic interaction elements: city limits
System requirements 3D web client: standard web browser like Chrome Mobile application.
Outputs 3D virtual and augmented reality visualisations for urban development projects
Contact po@urbanapi.eu

Please find application scenarios for each partner city under the following links: