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Urban Development Simulator

Feedback from our users:

„Good ideas are implemented in this system. And the system has a future.”
- Ruse

The urban region development simulation helps to understand large scale consequences of spatial planning decisions in a complex urban system (e.g. urban growth and densification as effect of zoning, tax regulations or traffic infrastructure development). Interactive control of proposed planning interventions and associated impacts generated by these interventions assist the public interactively engaging in planning processes and contributing to planning decisions.

Detailed and easy understandable information about planning decisions and full transparency about the expected impacts support the negotiations with citizens during a planning process and finally increase public commitment to these decisions.

Urban Region APIUrban Region APIUrban Region API

The example given above shows the Ruse simulation environment with some intra-city land use details.

The application makes use of a model simulating land use changes and land use density changes in a high resolution cellular landscape triggering single actors behaviour (households, entrepreneurs) responding on land attractiveness, accessibility and the legal spatial development framework. The virtual construction of new infrastructure and the establishment of alternative land zoning regulations allow observing urban development effects triggered through planning interventions.

One deployment platform besides standard computer screens (web-enabled access) will be the MultiTouchTable (experiencing “giant smart phone” feeling), which will allow integrating interactive planning interventions to control the simulations.

The interactive urban region development simulation has been developed for the city of Ruse.

Urban Development Simulator Factsheet
Aim Understand the large scale consequences of spatial planning decisions
Data Inputs
  • Land cover/use datasets
  • Street block layer (including data in usage and height)
  • Traffic infrastructure network
  • Spatially detailed demographic / employment data Future scenarios on population- and economic development
  • Alternative zoning regulation and planning guidelines
System requirements 2D/3D web client: standard web browser Optional VR client: MultiTouch Table
Outputs 2D/3D visualisations of urban region development and land use change, triggered through planning interventions
Contact po@urbanapi.eu

Please find an application scenarios for the city of Ruse under the following link: