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urbanAPI - Interactive Analysis Simulation and Visualisation Tools for Urban Agile Policy Implementation

Urban Policy Model

Full exploitation of the smart tools and methodologies developed by urbanAPI is a fundamental project objective. Achieving this exploitation potential requires substantial understanding of the wider urban governance context in which urbanAPI tools and applications connect with urban governance processes, and how they contribute to the flow of intelligence necessary to support plan making and decision taking. Such understanding permits the further development of these tools and the identification of application commonalities in the urbanAPI partner cities, which can then be translated into generic applications applicable to a wide range of cities throughout Europe.

In support of the above urbanAPI partners are working to map out the procedures of plan making and decision making in relation to the various city agencies and actors involved in urban management in the project partner cities of Vienna, Bologna, Vitoria-Gasteiz and Ruse. From this analysis it is possible to discover what information is used and required, by which organisations/actors, for what purpose, at what time, and thereby identify the information and intelligence management relationship between these organisations/actors. In this way the project can elaborate the potentials for the development of common tools that can be usefully applied in a wide variety of city and member state contexts throughout Europe, and indeed globally.