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urbanAPI - Interactive Analysis Simulation and Visualisation Tools for Urban Agile Policy Implementation

The urbanAPI toolset

Within urbanAPI an ICT-based toolset will be developed in order to support a range of activities that are typical for policy making processes in the area of urban planning. The developed toolset will be generic and reusable. Setting this goal will ensure the sustainability of the approach, as the created solutions will be applicable beyond the application cases used for evaluation in this project.

urbanAPI Toolset Factsheet
Aim Support range of spatial planning and involved policy making activities
Data Inputs

Application dependent

System requirements
  • 2D/3D web client: Any web browser that facilitates WebGL, like Google Chrome
  • Server: Any server that is supported by CityServer3D (Windows, Linux, MacOSX, at least Java 1.6, a database like MySQL). See also http://www.cityserver3d.de/features/#platforms
Outputs 2D/3D virtual and augmented reality visualisations for spatial planning projects
Contact po@urbanapi.eu