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urbanAPI - Interactive Analysis Simulation and Visualisation Tools for Urban Agile Policy Implementation

The urbanAPI - Information and Communication Technology (ICT) project will provide urban planners with the tools needed to actively analyse, plan and manage the urban environment.

The urbanAPI tools developed cover three urban planning contexts.

The urbanAPI toolset allows the fast development and deployment of participative policy support applications for decision support, conflict management, analysis and visualisation.

Such developments collectively provide vital decision-making aids for urban planners in the management of the territory, support policy makers for the associated responsibilities in political negotiation, and enable wider stakeholder engagement regarding the future development of the territory.

Within this EC FP7 project, the urbanAPI ICT tools are being developed and will be evaluated in collaboration with the cities of Bologna, Ruse, Vienna and Vitoria-Gasteiz between September 2011 and November 2014.

urbanAPI is seen as a community driven solution project and the resulting ICT tools shall improve city planning and management in the long term. For more information on how to participate, acquire and apply the urbanAPI tools please follow the links of this website.

Watch our video for a short introduction.

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